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Sober Living in Pennsylvania

Generally speaking there are several different names for what many consider to be a sober living facility in Pennsylvania. It is first important to understand that there are generally stages of structured recovery facilities in Pennsylvania. Sober Living facilities are considered to be a long-term recovery solution.

Stage One (1-10days): Detox. This is usually the first stage within a structured recovery system. Generally, there is not usually any therapy or recovery presented, but is simply a means for a person to safely or comfortable withdraw off of any substances

Stage Two (15-90days): Partial Hospitilzation or Residential Treatment. This is what many people call the “28 day program”. This is an inpatient stay lasting anywhere from 15-90 days in length. The clients generally do not leave the facility during that time and experience a variety or therapy and counseling.

Stage Three (90-180 days): Halfway House. A Halfway House in Pennsylvania is a highly structured setting where there is a degree of counseling present, but the clients have the freedom to leave the facility and look for work. In a halfway house, the client is “halfway” in society and “halfway” in treatment.

Stage Four: (1-3years) Sober Living. A Sober Living Facility in Pennsylvania is a less structured envirionment where the clients are all in recovery, have curfews, are required to work to support themselves and generally have a strong foundation in recovery already. A sober living facility is also sometimes referred to as a three quarter house because they are “three quarters” into society. Many people confuse a halfway house with a sober living. In reality, one is more structured than the other

Stage Five: Aftercare (Lifetime). After care can include outpatient therapy, one-on-one counseling or even support groups such as AA/NA.

Do I even need a Halfway House or Sober Living in Pennsylvania?

Determining what degree or form of treatment you may need is dependent on a few variables. Unfortunately, many people want the “easy fix” and aim for less treatment and recovery which leads to a greater relapse rate. Those that commit to a long-term solution generally have a greater success rate.

Degree of independence: If a client has a high degree of financial dependence upon others, then a halfway house or sober living is highly recommended to learn the life skills necessary to become independent and responsible.

Length of drug abuse: If a client has a long period of drug use than a long-term solution in Pennsylvania is critical.

Relapse rate: If a client has demonstrated a lack of continuous long-term sobriety then a long-term recovery solution is critical.

The following is a list of known Sober Living programs in the state of Pennsylvania

*Database list of Sober Living*

In addition to the previous, you may choose some of the options below to search for other forms besides simply Sober Living in Pennsylvania

NOTE: It is very important to understand that without a residential treatment program prior to a Sober Living in Pennsylvania, then long term recovery is very difficult to achieve.

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Confidential Advice from a Recovery Professional for those seeking a Sober Living in Pennsylvania

If you wish to provide more specific information in regards to your situation and wish to have a confidential phone call with a recovery counselor, you may contact us by phone or fill out the form listed below and someone will get back to you and help guide you in your search for a Sober Living in Pennsylvania.

If you are a Sober Living in Pennsylvania and would like to be listed in our database, please click here.

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