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A Resource for People seeking a Private Rehab in New York

Private Rehab in New York

Generally, those seeking a Private Rehab in New York for substance abuse are looking for certain things that cannot be found in a typical residential drug or alcohol treatment facility. A private rehab is considered one that is usually fully or partially covered by private insurance, or will be paid for out-of-pocket. In addition, many private rehabs generally try to stay away from the “clinical” hospital feel found in other programs. So, whether you are looking for Private Alcohol Rehab Centers in New York, Private Drug Rehabilitation in New York or the best drug rehab center in New York there are a few things to consider.

The most important thing to understand is that you have choices in choosing any type of Luxury or Private Rehab in New York.

There are primarily four different types of Private Rehabs in New York

Luxury Rehab in New York: These types of facilities are considered very high end facilities. The amenities may include a private room, luxurious settings, sober companions, as well as non-standard program enhancements. It is not uncommon to find equine therapy, yoga, or even gourmet chefs within a luxury rehab. In addition, the clients are usually not required to perfom “chores” as is standard in non-luxury rehabs. A Luxury Rehab in New York is generally more expensive than a run of the mill treatment center.

Non-traditional Rehab in New York: The majority of treatment facilities found in New York are considered to be standard 28-day 12-step model (or Minnesota model) facilities. Although effective for many people, there are those who do not feel comfortable in a traditional 12-step environment, and are seeking other means to recover. A Cognitive, Holistic, or even Faith-based facility could fall into the category of a non-traditional rehab. Generally speaking non-traditional rehabs are not covered by insurance, although there are some exceptions.

Enhanced traditional facility in New York: These types of facilities may contain a traditional 12-step approach, but may incorporate many additional aspects to their program. In additoin, an enhanced traditional facility may have a higher degree of client specific customization. In other words, they may try and stay away from the “cookie cutter” approach found in other programs.

Ultra Private Rehab in New York: Although every rehab facility must follow confidentiality laws, there are those that do not wish to attend a treatment facility with a large population of clients. An ultra-private facility has an enhanced foxus on guarding the individual privacy of their clients. Generally, these types of programs have a very limited number of beds (5-10), but have a very high professional to client ratio. In some cases, the number of doctors is greater than the actual clients.

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