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California Addiction Treatment Centers

Sober Solutions is a drug or alcohol addiction treatment centers referral service that helps you analyze what would be the best treatment center to handle your particular substance abuse whether it is drugs or alcohol; whether this is your first attempt at sobriety or your tenth. We deal with a multitude of different addiction treatment centers from twelve-step to holistic to Christian based.

There are literally thousands of addiction treatment centers across the nation as well as many California addiction treatment centers. We can help find one that will be the perfect fit for you or a loved one. One that will give you the best chance at recovery from the various types of drug or alcohol abuse. There are many drug rehabs in California and while many are excellent California treatment centers, it’s possible that reaching out across state borders may find you a better fit for the addiction treatment centers you need. Sober Solutions can find addiction treatment centers in California or elsewhere.

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Of all the fifty United States California has the largest population. In 2005, statistics show that the state had 2,361,000 people had an alcohol dependency or abuse problem and 880,000 people had an addiction to drugs. It possesses one of the major drug trafficking cities, Los Angeles. Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are smuggled across the border from Mexico. but marijuana is grown and methamphetamine is produced locally in large quantities.

Location seems to affect the favored drug of use. For example, heroin is the drug of choice in the San Francisco area. An opiate, as are many prescription drugs, it is important to get addiction treatment when trying to overcome opiates addictions. Detox is often necessary and this is most safely accomplished with the attendance of a medical staff. Following detox, California rehab centers and other addiction treatment centers are the best help for attempting to lead a sober life.

methamphetamine is predominant in the rural area. There was a decline in use from 1989 until 1991 but its use is now on the increase especially among teenagers and women. As its use can negatively affect the brain, it is very important to get help in a treatment facility as soon as possible.

Heroin and crack cocaine is in heavy use in the Oakland area and because of its close proximity to Mexico, the southern part of the state is affected by a multitude of different drugs. It is extremely important that drug addicts attempting to kick their habit undergo addiction treatment centers.

Although alcohol use in California is decreasing, the percentage of adults who drink alcohol has remained steady. The cost of alcohol abuse in the state has totaled 17.8 billion dollars for health services, substance abuse treatment, and lost productivity.

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Let us assist you in finding the best California addiction treatment centers available in, by kindly filling out the form provided above. We will contact you as swiftly as possible, so the healing process may begin.

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