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Huffing Addiction Treatments

Inhalant Addiction TreatmentsHuffing addiction and inhalant abuse is a very dangerous addiction. As a matter of fact it has been recently noted that huffing addiction is one of the most abused substances and is the drug of choice for young people. Inhalant abuse has a draw to the younger crowd because of it’s low costs and its availability. Most Inhalants used in huffing addiction can be found in a linen closet, under a kitchen or bathroom sink, or in the garage. Most people who become addicted to inhalants started off by experimenting with substances such as whip cream cans from the local supermarket. Another popular method is nitrous oxide that is actually used by dental professionals. It is very common for huffing parties to take place where the person buys a balloon filled with nitrous oxide for around five dollars. Once the drug is inhaled it gives a euphoric feeling and in some cases a temporary blackout occurs otherwise known as “fishing” because of the way the person flops around on the floor after abusing the inhalant.

Huffing addiction, like any other addiction, most often needs to be handled by Professionals

Addiction is not about the drug of choice it is about why the person seeks to escape reality on such a dramatic level. However huffing addiction is very severe in the fact that overdose and or death is possible with every huff. Unlike crack or alcohol where you have to work up to an overdose, huffing is like heroin in the same regard that the next use could be your last. This is because if enough inhalant is used it can prevent the persons lungs from getting enough air and ultimately suffocating them as well as causing cardiac arrest. Like any other abuse, huffing addiction causes users to require more and more as they get familiar with the inhalants. Huffing addiction can produce some of the worst side affect because the chemicals are all synthetic. Not that natural drugs such as opiates are better for you, it is just that a person is inhaling straight chemicals that the human body is just simply not suppose to have. Inhalant abuse can have as much if not more of a detrimental effect on the brain than crystal methamphetamines.

Some of the side effects are:

  • inability to focus or concentrate
  • damage to internal organs
  • permanent damage to the central nervous system
  • impaired coordination, vision, and judgment
  • death

Sober Solutions finds you the right drug and alcohol treatment center

Huffing addiction must be taken as serious as any other substance abuse problem.

Because most inhalant abusers are younger, some families may tend to look at huffing as a phase. Huffing addiction can and will lead to other hard core drug use such as heroin or crack. The other problem with huffing addiction is that because of the side effects many people who huff are misdiagnosed my medical professionals. The drug abuser neglects to tell the doctor or psychiatrist that they abuse inhalants and then their behavior is diagnosed as a disorder. Like all other addictions, having the wrong diagnosis can be fatal. If they are put on medications for a disorder that was misdiagnosed and then they continue to huff, it can be a fatal combination. Huffing addiction needs to be treated in the same way, a long term treatment center so the addict can stabilize and then the person can be assessed and not the symptoms treated. Time and time again we see addicts being misdiagnosed for disorders and the symptoms are treated instead of the cause. A more successful outcome will occur if the huffing abuser is taken into a huffing addiction treatment center and given time to come off of all the chemicals. At that time a proper diagnosis can be given. We also have more information about other types of . It is also important to know that as with all other addictions, huffing addiction should be treated in a long term residential program and not a short term 28 day facility. It is a fact that addicts who attend longer term huffing rehabs do significantly better than those who attend programs lasting 4 weeks or less.

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