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Finding the right addiction treatment center is an important decision. Our counselors are available to assist you in locating the drug or alcohol rehab center that is right for you or your loved one. Many addiction treatment center sites you visit are actual facilities that only refer you back to themselves. Although the drug rehab or alcohol treatment center may be appropriate, you should have more than one choice when deciding on a facility. We are able to search for the appropriate treatment center from a database specific to your needs in an unbiased fashion. We understand that everybody is different and so are drug rehab centers. Whether your search for a drug rehab center is leading you towards a 12 Step Program, a Christian Drug Rehab, Holistic program, Inpatient Drug Rehab, or a Cognitive Rehab approach we can help.

When a decision to enter treatment is being made it is important to have a variety of choices and to talk to somebody familiar with several addiction treatment centers. If you call a place directly they of course are going to be biased toward their treatment center and rightfully so, and they may be the best place to go to rehabilitate, however it is helpful if we have other treatment centers to compare to. Whether your self pay, insurance, or looking for lower cost options we can help. It is important to understand that those who travel far from home, and those who choose inpatient drug treatment centers for 90 days or longer have a significant advantage over those who choose a drug treatment center close to home for 28 days.

Our drug and alcohol addiction referral service is totally confidential. We look forward to helping you.

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Anti-alcohol Group Tries To Ban Booze On Planes

Posted on: September 30, 2014

Anti-alcohol group tries to ban booze on planes

Anti-alcohol Group Tries To Ban Booze On Planes Due To Rerouting Flights


You finally made it through the airport. You get situated into your seat on the plane. You could not be happier, ready to start your vacation. Not an hour into your flight, the pilot tells everyone they need to reroute and land in a different destination. Why? There is an intoxicated person on board that cannot be controlled. Now instead of enjoying your vacation, you are sitting on a plane, waiting for security to escort the person off the plane. This is why an anti-alcohol group tries to ban booze on planes.

Drug Arm Australasia, an Australian anti-alcohol group, has taken action. They are calling for a ban on alcohol on planes. Some people might view this as an extreme action, but would you want the above situation to happen to you? Not only is it the hassle of rerouting your flight, you have to wait to take off again. This could cut hours off of your vacation and for what? This is all because an irresponsible person couldn’t control their drinking.

Not only could it affect your travel time, but there are also physical dangers involved. In the past 2 months 2 flights have been rerouted due to passengers being unruly on flights. One man tried to steal scotch from the trolley cart and became abusive. The crew was able to restrain him with plastic handcuffs and the flight was landed at the next available airport. What if the crew was not able to restrain him? Would you want to be locked miles above the ground with this person? Just imagine how the children on-board must have felt. This is unacceptable behavior.

Should we have to completely restrict alcohol on-board planes, as well as the airports? For the few incidents, should we punish all from the freedom to enjoy a beverage? The anti-alcohol group tries to ban booze on planes, because of the few bad apples. The airlines claim they have trained their employees to spot signs of a passenger that has had too many drinks. What happen in these 2 cases? Did an employee simply brush off the fact that one of their passengers was drunk?

The past 2 intoxicated passengers were able to be contained, but what if they weren’t? What if this passenger was able to break into to the cockpit and crash the plane? I realize this is an extreme example, but all it takes is one time. Qantas and Virgin Australia airlines say they have no plans to change alcohol policies. If the anti-alcohol group tries to ban booze on planes and it fails, at least they have raised awareness of the incident. For now, this group has caused the airlines to stress the importance to their employees. Even the airports have begun supplying better security to help spot the intoxicated passengers before the board the planes. This has prompted the attention in Australia, but how long before it becomes an issue in America and other countries?

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