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Finding the right addiction treatment center that fits your needs is not an easy task. That is why we are here to help! Our counselors are here to assist you in locating a drug or alcohol rehab center that tailors to the needs of you or your loved one. We are unlike your typical addiction treatment center service. A majority of the addiction treatment center sites are actual facilities that will only take you to their treatment center. Although the drug rehab or alcohol treatment center may be appropriate, you deserve to have more than one choice when deciding on life-changing decisions.

We understand that everybody is different and so are drug rehab centers. This is why we search all over the country for the appropriate treatment center from a database specific to your needs in an unbiased fashion. Whether your search for a drug rehab center is leading you towards a 12 Step Program, a Christian Drug Rehab, Holistic program, Inpatient Drug Rehab, or a Cognitive Rehab approach we can help.

When a decision to enter treatment is being made it is important to have a variety of choices and to talk to somebody familiar with several addiction treatment centers. If you call a rehab facility directly, they will be biased towards their center because that is what they are trained to do. It is also possible that they may be the best place to go to rehabilitate. However, it is helpful to have other treatment centers to compare to.

Whether you are looking to pay for treatment, have insurance, or are looking for lower cost options we can help. Our drug and alcohol addiction referral service is totally confidential and our calls are free. We look forward to helping you.


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Why Do Recovering Addicts Relapse?

Cocaine relapse doesn’t just happen. It’s a predictable process. According to a study by Mount Sinai researchers, it’s most likely to occur within and just after the first six months of recovery. The Mount Sinai research suggests that if addicts beef up on relapse prevention aftercare during the first year of being clean, they may be better equipped to maintain a long-term, drug-free lifestyle.

What Is The Cocaine Relapse Process?

A slip may be in the works weeks or even months before the actual event occurs, even though an addict reports no desire to use. Symptoms include mood swings, anxiety, resentment, depression, hostility, apathy, and self-pity. Read the full article »

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